A team of 12 from Nkwaa-fie e.V., Nordhorn-Germany visited the children village last week to witness the huge growth and rapid development at the childrens’ village project including the completion stage of our new educational center which comprises of a library, computer center and offices.

The Nkwadaa-fie team was lead by Ms. Lena Schoemaker who was the supervisor of the charity project for about 3-years in Ghana.

The team consisting of others who are visiting Ghana and the project for the first time used the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the children, care-givers and other workers at the charity project as well as the entire school population at Old Adwampong community.

Our visitors (Nkwadaa-fie team) came on their visit bearing gift such as teaching and learning materials for the children, football jerseys for sports at the community school. They also took the opportunity to purchase some food stuff to support the food stock at the children’s village project.

It was a very interesting week as the children got the opportunity to meet Ms. Schoemaker again after almost 2 years since she moved from the orphanage.

Nkwadaa-fie e.V has been one of the prominent stakeholders pivoting the entire project. Loszughana wishes to express our profound gratitude for their continuous support and their visit to the project in Ghana.