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The LoszuGhana Children’s Village has a number of micro projects which make up the complete Children’s Village.

Mini Projects

The smooth running of these projects requires constant monitoring and support from generous donors like you. By contributing now, you aid in the completion or running of our mini-projects.

Motivation is a key to success, but not all persons have motivation to complete a given task or a life expectation. By working together and sharing each other’s strength and weaknesses, we accomplish a lot. Through our mini-projects we are able to share skills, experiences and supporting each other to learn.

Our mini-projects are ongoing projects that require continuous support to ensure its existence. Some of our current ongoing mini-projects include:

  • A community school providing free education for over 100 kids.
  • Farm projects to provide food for our village community and to generate income
  • Vocational training center for neglected teenage mothers to empower them to rise above poverty.
  • Library and computer section to promote reading and writing as well as computer literacy
  • Kids dancing and entrainment project for kids and mothers residing at the village to develop their talents and interest in music and culture.

By supporting one of mini project today, it helps us to maintain and continues to offer support for those who need it most especially women and children. and encourage them to develop themselves for an independent life.

Materials Support

Here is an overview of the amounts of money we can support our children with in terms of basic needs, education and leisure time (per child).:

Basic Needs

€ 5 – Health Insurance & Medication (3 months)
€ 9 – Cloths and shoes (3 months)
€ 12 – Sanitary supplies (1 month)
€ 30 – Food/per Child (1 month)


€ 7 – School bag and accessories (3 months)
€ 10 – Text and exercise books (3 months)
€ 10 – School Uniform (3 months)
€ 12 – Lunch at school (3 months)


€ 8- toys/plays gadgets (3 months)
€ 10 – Story books (3 months)
€ 10 – Sports materials (3 months)
€ 15 – Trip/excursions (6 months)

Monthly sponsorship

A monthly sponsorship of € 30,00 / CHF 33,00 covers the basic needs of a child, including food, health insurance and education materials.


You can always help irrespective of your geographical location and there are many ways you can do this, including donating money, organising fundraising events, joining us on social media, sharing our promotional materials, etc. Contact us now and let us work together.
You can support any project(s) of your interest by donating to support or organising materials for the project. Material donation will require contact with us to arrange for sending and pickup.
Read the brief introduction of all our ongoing mini-projects on our website and we will provide you with additional details and information depending on your project interest if you would require.
Yes, you will. We provide quarterly summary reports about all our ongoing projects. Contact us by email or phone if you wish to get more information about a specific project.

Still got questions? Get in touch