Preparation for your stay in Ghana

We believe it is very important that you are properly prepared for your volunteering placement. You will be accompanied by a so-called mentor, who was a volunteer in Ghana and is now active in LoszuGhana e.V.

An important note beforehand: We all work for LoszuGhana e.V. on a voluntary basis – in addition to our jobs and families. We try to respond as quickly as possible, but we are not always available – as is the case with large organisations with full-time staff.

From the time you register until the time you leave, we will be available by email for small matters and will have several phone calls to talk to you about what we think is important. This includes assistance with formalities such as visa applications, tips on flight bookings, information on compulsory vaccinations (we are not allowed and cannot give health advice, for this there are separate consultation hours with tropical doctors or tropical institutes). We will provide you with an invitation letter and other necessary forms for your visa application (e.g. proof of volunteer work through your family insurance fund for volunteers from Germany). Once you have decided to volunteer with LoszuGhana, we will sign a formal contract outlining the most important terms and conditions. We will also discuss topics such as sun and mosquito protection (Ghana is a malaria area).

In addition to these formal steps and practical advices, mental preparation is very important to us. We do not believe in travelling to a country in the global south “without any plan or preparation”, but we do want to create an understanding of situations that can be irritating. We therefore talk about social and cultural practices and give you ideas on how to deal with unfamiliar situations. We want to encourage you to engage in unfamiliar situations and to promote culturally sensitive and self-critical thinking. Of course, we will also discuss which project is most suitable for you and how you can contribute your skills and abilities (see also Projects). During the preparation phase, we will also link you up with the members of the Ghanaian team (loszughana association) who will be responsible for supporting you on the spot.

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