It is important for us to be transparent about the costs you will incur and pay.

In addition to your flight, your insurance, any visa extensions you may need and your personal expenses, you will have the following costs:

1. One-time fee

A total of 497,00 € needs to be paid in full before the start of your project. These costs include:

  • Organisation of project and host family
  • Pick-up from the airport and overnight stay in Accra (if required)
  • Orientation period (incl. basic Twi language tuition)
  • Meals incl. drinking water during the orientation phase
  • Transport costs to the project

2. Monthly fee

A monthly fee of 210,00 € is charged every subsequent month in addition to the one-time payment. The monthly fee includes:

  • Administrative expenses for the Ghanaian association
  • Accommodation and supplies in your host family or project
  • 3 meals per day and drinking water

3. Supporting membership LoszuGhana e.V.

During your voluntary service you will join LoszuGhana e.V. as a sustaining member and pay a one-off fee of 30,00 €. After your stay you decide if you want to remain a member or not. From this amount the administrative costs of the German association like postage, notary and homepage are paid.

A detailed breakdown of costs is available on request.

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