The LoszuGhana Children’s Village community embraces a number of mini projects that collectively function as a single society with a common source of supervision.

Our mini projects comprising of school, vocational training, traditional Dance and entertainment, Farming and many more were put together with focus on women and children from different locations in Ghana. Take a look at our projects and join us to empower women and bring hope to vulnerable children and families.

Sunday Morning Woman (SMW)

Developing and empowering young teenage mothers

The project started in 2016 with inspiration from Pipilotti Rist and has been acknowledged and supported by many across around the world. Young teenage girls dropping out of school very early due to unplanned pregnancy is quite common in many communities in Ghana especially in the rural communities. The SMW project is planned to give a second chance to these young teenage victims by engaging them in skill training. The training is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge for employment, enabling them to fit well in the society and enjoy their lives.

SMW is not only about skill training but capacity building, morale building and fun project through the many activities our participants walk through during their time of participation.

To kick start this, a pilot based vocation training project with a focus on baking (bread, cookies and pie) and cosmetics (liquid and bar soap, body lotion, hair shampoos etc.) has already began to support girls in rural communities (Bosomtwe District in focus).

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Save Our School (SOS)

Provide formal education for kids within the Old Adwampong community

The Save Our School Project commenced in 2013 by LoszuGhana. The aim of the project was to renovate an abandoned old school building and restore it to provide formal education for kids within the Old Adwampong community.

The school is currently under the auspices of LoszuGhana and continues to providing free tuition. Through the hard work of the village community, volunteers, and sponsors across the globe, we continue to expand our school population and infrastructure enabling more needy and underprivileged children get a chance for education.

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Computer Lab/Library

Promoting Literacy and Reading

Our educational center started in 2014 with the construction of a library and computer block both for the kids and adult at the project and neighboring communities. The facility is entirely opened to the Old-Adwampong community school which sponsored and supervised by LoszuGhana and also to all kids from 3 surrounding communities in our location. The center is equipped with solar energy as our source of power which saves us cost and is also friendly for the environment. The facility is also used as the center for promoting our health education campaigns. Our objective is to use the place a resource center for the literacy promotion. This can best be achieved by adequately equipping the facility with the all the necessary materials ranging from books, playing and learning instrument and many more.

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Health Talk

Preventive health education

Good health is a big concern all over the world and this is no different in our project. In our orphanage project, we have created a routine HEALTH TALK program which occurs once every month. Through this Health Talk activities, we educate not only the occupants in the orphanage project but also the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages. Huge events are held to discuss illnesses such as Malaria, Cholera, severe menstrual pain, HIV/AIDS, animal bites, etc. with focus on causes, transmission, prevention and control/treatment. This is done with support from the Ghana Health Service.Sup

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Asa Bi

Join the dance

Music and Dance like everywhere in the world form a huge part of the Ghanaian culture. Our kids, mothers and the entire Orphanage community are not left out. In 2015, we started an entertainment project called “Asa Bi” (a certain dance). The project is an initiative in collaboration with PoPSkolan a popular Pop Music School based in Sweden.

For our drumming and dancing performances, we use traditional instrument such as the “gimbe drum, akasanoma and frikywa”. Performances and education are fully our traditional- a way of passing on culture and values to the young ones through entertainment.

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Providing the basic necessities

As in every community, food is very important in everyday life and this is no different in our Children’s village community. The project depends entirely on donations in providing the basic necessities such as food, water, medication, etc. Since 2011, there has been many efforts to indulge in subsistence farming activities to produce certain portion of the daily food intake at the project. Until now, the project is of boastful of growing vegetables and food crops, breading fishing in ponds and has kept livestock for consumption. In pursuing all of these farming activities, we depend entirely on the natural rains as our source of irrigation.

The project community plans to extend its farming activities to many fields so as to produce more at any particular conducive time of the year.

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