Together we can succeed – will you help us?

Your donation will enable us to realize our dream LoszuGhana Children’s Village. Thanks to your support, children will grow up in family-like structures and will be able to attend a school. Since we all work on a volunteer basis, our administrative and organizational costs are minimal. This means that your contribution will flow directly into the project itself.

We are tax-exempt and will gladly issue a donation receipt upon request.

Donation account Germany

Sparkasse Emsland


DE49 2665 0001 1091 0984 81

Account holder
loszughana e.V.

Donation account Switzerland

Postfinance (POFICHBEXXX)

CH32 0900 0000 6052 9712 7

Account holder
LoszuGhana Association Switzerland
8620 Wetzikon

If scanning the QR code is not possible, please use this Link

Donation account Sweden

Swedbank (SWEDSESS)

SE75 8000 0810 5993 4302 4866

Account holder
Loszughana Association

Donation account Ghana

Absa Bank Ghana

Account number

Swift Code
BARCGHAC 0811208353

Account holder
Loszughana Association


We accept all sort of items including but not limited to; children cloths, adult’s cloths for caregivers, reading books (preferred in English language), playing toys, textbooks, drawing and painting equipment, mosquitoes net, shoes, etc.
We accept donations of all values, you can donate to support the general upkeep of children and running of the project or support specific mini-projects from our initiatives. If you wish to donate monthly and would require information/receipts outside our scheduled times, contact us by email.
We publish regular updates and info about entire project including ongoing projects on our websites. Also, you can get quarterly newsletters by signing on our website. If you require further info about a donation, kindly contact us by email or phone.
Yes, we issue donation receipts for any contribution.
Through our cooperate international partners and offices in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, we are able to issues official receipts for tax exemptions.
Donations receipts are generally issued beginning of the year (within Quarter 1 of every year). Exceptions are made based on request.

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