Volunteer in Ghana

Would you like to get to know Ghana from a unique perspective? Do you want to do more than just travel and make short-term contacts? With our volunteer programme we would like to offer people of all ages (18 years and older) the opportunity to live in Ghana for a certain period of time and to leave their everyday life behind.

We believe that a well supervised volunteer service is a suitable framework for this: Your main task is not to “help” but to immerse yourself in Ghanaian everyday life and to reflect your thoughts and feelings in exchange with others and for yourself. We want you to get to know living conditions, habits, perspectives and ideas that are new to you, and for you to make this experience first and foremost for yourself. Whether you stay for six months or a year is not decisive for us, but what you make of your experience.

Volunteer service with LoszuGhana

  • Flexible start dates, flexible programme duration
  • Our longest programme duration is 12 months total stay in Ghana (including travel time)
  • Individual preparation bevor travelling and personal support in Ghana
  • We place you in a suitable project based on your skills and interests
  • Living together with a host family or by arrangement directly in the project
  • Encouragement for critical (self-)reflection
  • 24/7 availability in case of emergency
  • After individual clarification, creditable as university (pre-)internship (or small research projects in the context of a final thesis are possible)
  • Certificate of participation at the end of the volunteering programme
  • After your voluntary service: Opportunity to work for LoszuGhana!

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