Farming 2018 yielded a tremendous result, for this reason, we have already started organizing ourselves for this year 2019. We have planned to expand our farming this year and therefore have acquired more plots of and for farming.

Our maize cultivation project will be focused on 2 separate plots whiles a third plot will be used many for vegetables and other food crops such as cocoyam, cassava, garden eggs, and chili pepper.

Fish Pond

We have revived our Fish-Pond project for this year. Fish from ponds are basically to supplement the food intake at the children’s village. We expect heavy rains from now to help us easily refill our ponds again. Until now all ponds have been renovated and cleaned up. The ponds will be stocked with fish as soon as the first rains come and when we have collected sufficient water in the ponds. We expect to harvest our fish within 6 months to supplement food consumption at the project.

School Farm Project

The Old Adwampong Community School through our Save Our School (SOS) program was incorporated in 2013 to provide free school education for all kids in the Old Adwampong community and beyond. The school has entirely depended on support from LoszuGhana NGO for existence. Once of the significant needs of the school is food for kids lunch. Kids in the school currently pay 1 cedi a day for lunch which is still not enough for provide enough food for lunch.

This year LoszuGhana plans a separate farming for the school project. Similarly we plan to invest into maize, plantain, and cocoyam to provide food for the school kitchen.

By Emmanuel (CoWorker)