The last six months has yielded us a lot to be proud of, and we have achieved a lot through the continuous support of our sponsors and coworkers. 

Not only did we accomplish our mini projects which were in planning but also made a lot of improvements in different parts of the project. A few to mention include:

Support For School Project

Our school project (Old Adwampong Community School) had its share of developments in the first half of 2017. Similarly, and through the support of our esteemed donors, we were able to provide 100 school bowls and pans for the canteen, along with other materials to support teaching and learning at the school. Also donated were English, Mathematics and Science textbooks for all classes (Primary School 1 to 6). The time when only class teachers had textbooks are over, now the school children also have their own textbooks and fully participate and follow lessons in the classrooms. Additional improvements such renovation of classrooms were also done to improve the conditions and status of the classrooms.Over 100 children have enjoyed a completely free education for almost 4 years now through the continuous support and work of sponsors.

Entertainment Project (Drumming and Dancing)

Learning is easier when it’s fun, that’s why we have introduced local drumming and dancing hours at the Children’s village. Now children enjoy about 45 minutes of traditional drumming and dancing occasionally for entertainment and skills development. Our children love the music and dance sessions and when their mothers join, it raises their moral and ignites this passion even further. Our current music and dancing hours isn’t only entertainment for us but a means of bringing all the people at the project together as one family.

Solar Power in all Houses ?

We continue to enjoy uninterrupted power supply in our family houses at the Children’s village due to our sustainable solar power project constructed in the later part of 2016. The dark nights are over with light everywhere. We have now access to cold drinking water on hot sunny days and can preserve our leftover food and ingredients because of the installation of a freezer at the village.

Many thanks to you all especially our sponsors and coworkers for the continuous support!